When an order is ready for pickup, mark the order Ready:


1) When a customer has placed an order it will appear in the "New Orders" section on the left hand side of the Grab tablet screen. If the tablet is integrated with the point of sale the order will also appear on the kitchen display screen. If the the tablet is not integrated a member of staff will need to enter the order in to the point of sale. The order will show the customers name, order number, and the order pick up time. 

2) The order on the Grab tablet will initially display in green, this means the order should be in the kitchen or being prepared.

3) The order will change colour to orange 3 minutes before the pick up time. The order will also flash as an alert, a staff member should confirm the order is being prepared.

4) If the order colour changes to red the order is late and has gone passed the pick up time, immediately check the status of the order. 

5) When the order has been prepared and is ready for pick up press the order on the tablet and confirm the contents of the order are correct, then press Ready. Note, ensure the order is packaged as a take away order including utensils. 

6) The order will move from the New Orders section to the Ready For Pick Up section on the tablet. 

7) When the order has been marked Ready the customer will receive a text notification with instructions where to collect their order.  

8) The customer may be entitled to a discount, for example if they are an airport employee. The discount can applied upon collection, select Add Discount on order details page. 

Select discount type and Add to Order.

Accept Discount.