To reject an order:

After placing an order customers may require a refund due to several reasons: 

Item is out of stock

Customer is unhappy 

Customer cancellation

Location closed early

IT issue

Item Out of Stock:

1) If an item is out of stock but a customer has placed an order for that item we recommend calling the customer and offering a replacement. The customers phone number will be to the right of their name on the order details screen

If the customer agrees to an alternative edit the order by removing the wrong item and adding the correct item. Tap the red icon to remove the item. 

2) If the customer is not reachable or does not want an alternative  Reject the order with the following process. Click More Options at the bottom of the orders details page

3) Click Reject and select the reason, enter your name then click reject.

Customer Unhappy:

When a customer refuses to accept an order.

Location Closed Early:

When a customer places an order but the location closed early. The manager on duty should turn Grab off if the location does close early.

IT Issue:

When an order cannot be fulfilled because of a technical issue.


When the issue does not fit into the above categories.

(Please also remember to void the order on the POS if applicable)